The Greatest Teacher of Them All

Daily Prompt:  Dream Teacher:  You can choose any person from history to teach you any topic you want. Who’s your teacher, and what do they teach you?

Any person from history, huh?  From the start of time (Adam and Eve) to now, that’s a WHOLE LOTTA people to choose from.  I mean, there’s Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., who could teach me about grace and patience and leadership.  There’s Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel who could teach me about channeling my inner diva (as IF I needed help with that!).  William Shakespeare, who could teach me about writing and putting thoughts into words that would last for eternity.  Helen Keller, who could teach me about how to FULLY enjoy the world around me, despite any “shortcoming” or “handicap” I might have.  And even though they may not have impacted world “history”, there are people in my lineage and heritage who have lessons to teach:  my great-grandmother, Rachel, who was one generation removed from slavery; my grandmother who was raised by her Indian grandmother when her mother died before my grandmother was five years old; and even my mother, who had her own run-in with prejudice when she became the first Black worker behind the lunch counter of Woolworth’s in Savannah.  (Of course, she didn’t “look” Black – hence, the controversy)

As a Christian, I automatically thought about Jesus as the ultimate Teacher of them all.  But as I started to write about Him, I realized that, I already have access to Him and His teachings, through a book we all know as the Bible.  And as a Seventh-day Adventist believer, I can read further insights into His teachings through the writings of His prophet, Ellen G. White.  It is just up to me to take the time to study, delve into His Word, and then listen to the lessons He has for me.



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