A Great Group of Women

Writing 101 Challenge, Day 6:  Today, you’ll write about the most interesting person (or persons) you’ve met in 2014.

It’s a bit of a cheat for me to write this, because I have known this group of women (or most of them anyway) since before 2014.  I am joined with this group of women because of a shared religion and belief system, but in the past year, this friendship and fellowship has developed into so much more.  Called “Spiritual Sorors” (in homage to some of the women’s Greek sorority ties) or “Sisters for Eternity (in homage to the sisterhood that we pray will continue, not only on this Earth, but in heaven for eternity), this group of women is an eclectic group of women from various backgrounds, living a variety of types of lifestyles, crossing age divides and career paths, all bonded by friendship and faith.  The women in this group are younger and older, married and single, with children and without, dating and celibate, career women and students – but the diversity of the group is what makes it so very interesting and fulfilling.

At least once a month, we strive to get together for a variety of cultural events:  movies, painting parties, restaurant dining – we’ve even spent a Saturday night playing games at Dave & Busters.  The group participants change with each event:  have you ever tried to wrangle 20+ schedules and interests and budgets at one time?  But, every time the group gets together, a grand time is had by all.

Initially, the group was started to provide cultural events for a group of mainly single women in our church.  It was an opportunity for us to get together, do things around our city, in the comfort and fellowship of friends, without missing out on events because we didn’t have dates, or didn’t want to go alone.  As time went by, more women were invited – some older, some younger, some married, some recently divorced or no longer dating – and like the old Prell commercial, one person told somebody, then they told somebody and they told somebody, and the group grew.

I know there is a (mis)conception that women cannot get together for any period of time without there being a fight, or some gossip, or some other drama and mess.  But in all the outings I have ever attended with these women, in stark contrast to that perception, we have always had a wonderful, drama-free experience where everyone has a wonderful time experiencing what Christian sisterhood can and should be about.  As time goes on, and we invite more and more people to join us, the fellowship gets better and better.

I am blessed to call these women “sisters” and I look forward to more interactions with them in the days, weeks, months and years to come.


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